Good News!

Dear Bill and Barbie,

Please may I just say how utterly devastated I am to hear of your tragic tragic loss. I guess you want to be alone with your thoughts right now, and I can only respect that, but please may I say just this. For more than twenty years now Eileen and I have looked after (fostered) difficult teenagers, many of whom have presented a serious danger to themselves as well as others. Two of them tried to take their own lives whilst they were with us, but, by the Lord's good grace, did not succeed. So we can understand just a little of what you have gone through - and yet must face. We also lost a baby of our own named Jonathan many years ago, so we also know about that part of your bereavement too. It is no light thing to lose a child, and the sense of loss never leaves you.

We do believe though, with the Scripture, that our salvation is eternally secure, and that is as true for Aaron as for any of the Lord's children, so please don't fear for him in that regard. You shall certainly see him again in the Lord's kingdom. That much is absolutely sure and certain. It is equally true and certain that Aaron must have been a very special child for our enemy to have fought so hard against him. But ultimately he has lost that battle, even as he loses it against all of us, for there is none that can pluck us out of the Lord's hand.

I think it might also be worth pointing something out to you that is based on my professional experience and first hand knowledge. I was a Prison Officer for some years, working with teenagers both convicted and remanded awaiting trial, and as you can imagine, suicide and attempts at it were a frequent and recurring problem. Yet most of these 'suicides' were in fact tragic accidents. The child wanted to make a gesture that people would have to take notice of, and more often than not they did not actually intend to take their own lives. But because of the dangers of the situation that they were contriving, it happened anyway for a whole variety of reasons. Now, I won't be at all surprised to learn in eternity that that is what happened here. Aaron very probably did not want to end his life, but lost it accidentally because of the dangerous nature of the gesture that he was trying to make. Why do I tell you this? Because there will be times, my friend, when you both will feel angry at him as well as deeply grieved over losing him. Please don't. That much, at least, is needless, and you must spare yourselves that pain.

I am also convinced as I read the Scripture, that Aaron was at an age when, he was unaccountable under the law of God. Add to that the eternal security of his salvation, and you will see that neither you yourselves, nor he, have anything to fear. All is well, in spite of the appalling appearances of the situation.

No more words will come at this time. Bill and Barbie, the Lord of Heaven bless you at this most trying of times, and fill you with comfort, with peace and ultimately, with great joy! All will be well. We - and Aaron too - have His Word for it!

Your friend and brother in the Lord Jesus.

Bill Cooper
Creation Scientist, Lecturer and Author of "After the Flood" and "Paley's Watchmaker"