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Rebsamen family,

This is shawn ellis, I was a good friend of aaron's and I just want to say that I will miss him greatly and I loved him as a friend.

Love shawn

Dear Rebsamen family

I'm very sorry about the tragedy you suffered. Aaron was a great friend to me, whenever someone would make fun of me Aaron would be the only person who really stuck up for me. Aaron was one of my closest friends since the fifth grade when most of us kids met Aaron. To know Aaron was to know the funniest kid in the USA. He always had something funny to say during times when none of us felt good about anything. Aaron taught me everything there is to know about being a good friend...we must remember the times where he brought a smile to our face, or made us laugh 'till our sides hurt. Aaron will be a great loss to us all, but he is in a better place and we will be with him some day.

Brandon Wilson

Hello Aaron's parents and sister!

I hope this will help get [you] through your tough time. This is Andrew Dabney, remember me? I tried to sell my bike at your garage sale (but it wouldn't sell). Well, Aaron was a good kid, well most of the time, haha. He was also a good friend to a lot of people including me. People liked Aaron because he always had something to say during a tough time or something funny to add in to make anyone smile. His hair was kinda funny but we all liked it in our own ways. He always had something to say at any moment no matter what the circumstance. Well, I hope this helps you a little, we all loved him and we will miss him greatly.

Andrew Dabney