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Things happen for a reason we don't know why
All we can do is sit there and cry
I'll never understand why such a precious life was taken
Hopefully troubled hearts will be awakened

It's ok to be mad, It's ok to be sad, but we need to remember all the memories we had!

We can pray
That's all that's left to do
Hey Aaron
We miss you

- submitted by Mandy Todd

We all live
e all die
But right now
It's time to cry

We love Aaron
It's no lie
But it's now time
To say goodbye

We feel it is a curse
We know it could be worse
His name is here to carry on
Even though he's really gone

We know this isn't googbye forever
Soon we will all be together!!

- submitted by Loren Parker

Death is not the end,
But the beginning of something more pure than life.
You may hear the scream of death,
But only a smile brings upon eternal life.
So now you cry the confused tears of death
As another walks down the path.
The path that leads two ways,
To memory or forgetfulness.
His face will be no more,
And his smile we'll never forget!!!!!!

- submitted by Caleb Mendenhall


U may have thought it was the right thing to do
Many thought it was the wrong thing to choose
You had many plans for the time ahead
Like working at Burger King with hat on head

But instead your gone to end your suffering
And why you did it is what we are wondering
With so many people affected by your decision
Might have made you think twice before you did

You were gone so quick like a gust of wind
Left us weeping thinking it would never end
After you left I thought about doing it myself
But seeing the effect changed my decision

Goodbye good friend
Till we all meet again

- submitted by Robby Gray


The tears we shed were for real
Don't start laughing until you know the deal
My brother's friend may he rest in peace,
Has only begun from our memories to cease
It all happened so fast
We want Aarons memory to last
So farewell my dear, dear friend
Until we meet up in heaven again

- submitted by Heather Gray


A month has passed
Tears don't last
We now move on
But with an empty space
When disaster struck
We all stuck together
We now have grown close to each other
Realizing how life can be gone in seconds
Goodbye Friend
Till we all meet again

- submitted by Robby Gray